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International Logistics

Since its establishment, RYUKYU FREIGHT FORWARDERS has been engaged in the transportation of goods between the U.S and Okinawa. Today, we offer a wide range of International Logistic Services, including Customs Clearance Service, Cruise Ship Services, and export packing services. Recently, we have also applied our knowledge and experience to help customer improve their logistics and handle logistics arrangements on their behalf.

International Transportation Service

For import and export, we can transport containers FCL or consolidation service LCL between Naha Port, a major port outside of Okinawa, and overseas ports. We also provide Door-to-Door Service by utilizing our network of 300 cities in 160 countries around the world.

Who is recommended to use FCL transportation

To those who export large-lot cargo. You would like to specify the location of the vanning operation (loading cargo into the container), or would like to operate it yourself?

Who is recommended to use LCL transportation

To those who export small-lot cargo. Considering shifting from Air Freight to Ocean Freight Forwarding. Container FCL transportation is not worth the extra space.

Refrigerated Consolidation Transportation to Asia

We offer monthly consolidation service of heavy frozen cargos for Air Freight and small goods that need to be transported in chartered ocean containers.

Customs Clearance Services

When exporting goods from Japan to overseas countries or importing goods from overseas countries to Japan, a Custom Clearance procedure is required. We offer services such as customs clearance, plant quarantine, animal quarantine, food application, insurance coverage, and the certificate of original procedure on behalf of importers and exporters.

U.S Military Cargo Services

This service includes customs clearance and cargo delivery to U.S military bases in Okinawa, document issuance procedures (USFJ form 380/381, etc.), and payment collection. We also handle crane and fork operations delivery in US military bases by vehicle entry pass.
Our English-speaking staff will confirm delivery conditions etc. with customers directly.

Foreign Cruise Ship Services

We also arrange for loading and unloading of cargo for Cruise Ship Delivery and attend at the port (e.g., to receive signification). We can also apply to customs for approval to load foreign(domestic) cargo shipments, file provisional unloading reports, and perform customs clearance work such as import declaration for unused shipments as well as delivery of goods to be transferred to other ports.

Export Packing Services

Our experienced staff will justify the goods and provide optimization methods such as storage conditions, transportation, and packaging condition based on the customer’s requirements and ensure the product is in the good condition by the time the customer receives it.

Flow of transport requests

①Closed Box
All side of cubic walls are closed with wood to prevent damages.

②Open Create
The advantage of using a Open Create is its lighter and cost effective.

③Barrier Packaging for Transporting Machinery
Barrier packing is the best transporting methods.

Logistics Improvement and Outsourcing Services

We propose optimization by analyzing clients’ needs from operations to storage and delivery. We support our customers to improve their business by outsourcing logistic processing work.

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Company Info

Established September 1964
Capital 49,959,000
Location 4-3-9 Minatomachi, Naha City, Okinawa, Japan.
Employee 540 (August 2022)
Line Business
  • General Cargo Shipping Business
  • Domestic Transport Handling Business  
  • Air Cargo Handling Warehouse
  • Warehouse Business
  • First-class Transportation Service
  • Delivery Agency Service
  • Moving and Packing Services
  • Non-life Insurance Agency Services
  • Construction Service
  • Waste Collection and Transportation
  • School Lunch Delivery Services
  • International Logistic Business
  • Tractor 6 units
  • Guided Truck 1unit
  • Heavy Duty Trucks 4 units
  • Medium Duty Trucks 46 units
  • Refrigerated Frozen Trucks 86 units
  • Small-size Truck 5 units
  • Refrigerated Freezing Trailers 56units
  • Dry Trailers 44units
  • Refrigerated Frozen Container 105units
    (Including 30 short-term leases)
  • Dry container 20f x 92 containers x 12f x 59 containers
    (owned by Fukuoka Sales Office, not owned by Head Office)
  • Forklifts 46units
Banks Bank of Okinawa, Shoko Chukin Bank, JA Okinawa